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Damn that girl is Scandalous!
Me in Bandom?? 
17th-Oct-2009 08:59 pm
Rose in Titanic
So today has been interesting.
Last night Andy and I went to the store and when I got home we ate dinner. I wound up being on the phone with K9_Time_Puppy for three hours. We were off the phone maybe five...ten minutes and her dog died. I feel so awful and I wound up worrying about her all night and most of today until she got on.
We talked a bit but she wasn't really much for conversation so we worked on our story for a little while. Then the cremation people came and took the dog and now we're about to start working on our first Razia's Shadow fic. We're writing it in honnor of the musical being a year old this month.
I'm a bit nervous because it will be our first fic that we write together and actually post.
I wanted to post our story of epic proportions but I think at this point it might be too much to try and edit. It's soo long too!
Which is sad because I wanted to share with the world our fandom/bandom cross over.
At this point I'm just content with writing this just for us.
The funny thing is a few minutes ago we were predicting that if we ever start a band then people will be writing bandom fics about us.
It would be funny! Cause we'll be correcting people...
Mrs Young: I'll cpmment on everyone and scare the fans from writing cos they'll be like "OMG THEY READ THIS"
Better off as Lovers: haha we can read it and comment on it and be like 'yo...we predicted when we were 16 this was gonna happen!'
Mrs Young: or be like corecting them like "Well actually I'd call Becky, baby, not sugar- I'm not that country thankyou!"

So yeah.

Okay and we figured out how to hook my laptop into the TV...it is soo cool. After Heather (lunawho's sister) goes home I'ma hook the laptop into the TV and work on the story with Suki and watch Fringe...or Glee. I still haven't decided what yet.
I have soo much TV to watch.
Anyways...I'm outtie...mainly cause I need some apple juice and I hafta pee....I know...you all wanted to know that.
Later peoples! :)
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